Joining the Confederation of Clubs - Tennessee


  The Tennessee Confederation Of Clubs has reached a saturation point in handling quarterly business meetings, and all other matters of the TNCOC due to the number of existing clubs in the State. 
Due to the extensive number of clubs available, and the varied interests found within them, the TNCOC recommends joining an existing club, or merging with an existing club. This will allow the TNCOC through its established programs,  lobbyist, legislative agenda, education efforts, and dedication to the cycle enthusiasts to more adequately and effectively protect your interest and involvment.
We can handle additional members within the established, and recognized clubs.  We are unable to admit additional clubs at this time.

When we do have room for membership, here are some basic guidelines for being considered.

a) We only consider true patch-holding motorcycle clubs. The by-laws of all Member Clubs are subject to review by COC-TN board members.

b) Each Member Club will have an organization with officers and a process for new members prospecting and becoming fully patched. Clubs where a person sends a check and gets a patch are not eligible.

c) Member Clubs must have at least five (5) active members, must be    
    established for at least one (1) year and must have a clubhouse in 
    the state of Tennessee.

d) All Member Clubs must consist of males who are 21 years and older who own and ride a motorcycle.

e) Member Clubs with more than one chapter in the state gets one vote per chapter as long as each chapter is paying individual dues.

f) Dues are $120.00 yearly, payable at the June quarterly meeting.

g) Member Clubs are expected to send at least two (2) representatives to at least three (3) of the years' quarterly meetings.

For more details or other questions, contact the
State Vice-Chairman listed on the Members page.

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